I started a blog.

I’ve always wanted to write a blog but never knew what to write about. Before you continue reading, I still don’t know what I’m going to write about. If you’re still reading. Thanks!

Brainstorming ideas for a blog is brutal. You go through the traditional check list of things you might have in common with people:
Married life – nope
Children – none
Pets – just dust bunnies but they come and go
Healthy Eating – sometimes but not always
Weight loss – maybe if I knew how to cook low-cal meals
Exercise – ya right!
Career – still waiting to be defined
Dating – too much effort, can’t even make it through the profile questionnaire
Travel – too costly
DIY anything – a firm no.
Fashion – that’s a stretch

Next I explored hobbies that might interest other people and that’s when it gets really hard. I ended up realizing that I’m one of those non-committal types who likes to dabble in everything and explore but nothing ever seems to stick. Always a newbie, never an expert. So what do you write about when you’re a Jane of no Trades?
That’s still to be determined but for now I started a blog.


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