Shades of White

The great thing about not having a blog topic is that I can start writing and see where my thoughts take me. First, let me start off by setting some expectations. Some nights, I will be watching TV and going to bed early. I’ll be lucky if I remember to wash off my make-up so I won’t always have the energy to post or any content to post about. The second greatest thing is that since I’m not claiming to be an expert, there is no pressure to educate, offer advice or inspire through my posts. I can journal about my day and provide my opinion on things that might not have anything to do with the things I talked about the day before or even the paragraph before…

I’m starting the weekend off as a vendor at the Bridal Show. A few months ago, I signed up to be a Stylist with Stella & Dot. It’s a jewelry line and although it will be mentioned many times in my blog all the details on new collections, trends and deals will be through my S&D Facebook page. So go on, head over there and like it to learn more. Wait! First finish reading my post.

My approach at tonight’s Bridal Show will be a little different than most of my trunk shows because I’m dealing with brides. Sure there have been one or two brides at a regular show but tonight it will be an endless parade of women on a mission to pull off the perfect wedding. And when you’re discussing the details of the perfect wedding, you must remember the magical thing about engagement rings; it allows a bride the ability tell the difference between Snowflake White and Cotton White. No joke. The ring holds special powers in that the bride automatically knows the entire pantone chart by memory while planning her wedding. I know you have all experienced that moment when a bride asks you if you prefer Lily White or Oyster White and you can’t see a difference. You’re also afraid to answer because last time she was upset when you picked the Swan White linens over the Star White linens, which lead her to questioning your friendship. Or in my case, I was accused of being jealous and trying to sabotage her happiness because everyone knows not to use Bone White* at a wedding. After tonight’s show, I will have learned all the current shades of white because yes, it changes every year. This may seem frustrating to some but it’s been the key in my success at these shows because when a bride says she’s looking for something white and I reply “what shade?” she’ll smile her pearly whites and come over to see my collection.

If you’re at the show, I’ll be at Booth 612 – if not, you can check out all the shades of white that Stella & Dot offers by liking my Facebook page. Ok, now you can go.

*Brides: Bone White is totally acceptable to use at a Wedding. It was just an example so please do not call the décor company to change your napkins.


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