Saturday night was Movie Night. A bunch of girlfriends and I get together every couple of weeks to drink wine, watch movies from our youth and reminisce about how great life was before the internet. It’s our own version of a 7th grade slumber party but instead of pimple cream, we discuss the best anti-aging products.

For Saturday’s movie, our host selected Pretty Woman. A classic rags to riches romance that had every girl I grew up with wishing for a fairy Godmother named Bernard Thomas, Hotel Manager.
Sure it’s technically a movie about a hooker and a soulless workaholic but for the six 30+ year old women crowded around the TV, it was a movie about a quirky yet loveable princess who warms the heart of an emotionally cut-off prince. As we cheered on Vivian’s transformation from Street Chic to Classy and watched how her infectious smile and awkward charm was able to release Edward from his cold armor, we all secretly wished that it had happened to us.

Not once did one of us say, “The only thing that would have made this better was if they had met online.”

As a single women, the thing that is most recommended to me is to get myself set up for online dating. Maybe I’ve watched too many 80’s movies but there is nothing I find romantic about online dating. (No offence to those who are online). I’m sure people have been successful and it’s probably the best place to meet great eligible guys but when I think of how I want to meet my future Prince Charming, it doesn’t include scrolling through a website and sending out emoticon smiles. I’m thinking more along the lines of getting caught under the same awning during a rain storm or randomly reaching for the same book at Chapters. I’m not saying I’m going to start turning tricks hoping that some rich guy will roll up looking for directions but I agree with Vivian.. I want the fairy tale.

For those of us still single and not on, I think you’ll appreciate this McDonald’s ad.


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