For those that were involved in my day to day job search over the summer, you will probably remember my obsession with KIND Healthy Snacks. I loved everything about the company and literally stalked the hiring manager to give me an interview. I got an interview and was even called for a second interview. It seemed like the employment gods were finally listening to my prayers and this role was within reach. The process with KIND was taking a while and in the meantime, I was offered another role with a wine agent and really, how could I give up working for a wine company. I was equally obsessed with wine and the role was too great to pass up.  As much as I love my new job, there was still a little piece of my heart that was owned by those little fruit and nut bars.

I just couldn’t give it up, so I stalked the hiring manager again. I wrote her and asked if there was any way I could offer my services to the company, either by doing demos or working events. I was free evenings and weekends and would do anything!  Either she appreciated my passion or she realized that I wasn’t going to stop annoying her with emails because last night I became an official KIND Brand Ambassador!

KIND uniform      The product

It’s a part-time gig and just liked I pitched, I’ll be doing weekend demos and attending events in the city on their behalf.  I really love everything about this brand including all their initiatives on being KIND to your body, you taste buds and the world. I can’t wait to get started!

Those employment gods really knew what they were doing.  #pdw #stelladot #kindawesome




Sunday Dinner

Most Sundays we all gather at my parent’s house. I do laundry, catch up with the siblings and we all indulge in some good Portuguese home cooking. Usually my Mom caters the meal to the first child that mentions heading over. Yesterday it happened to be Gary and my Mom was planning to make mussels, apparently one of his favourites. Since I didn’t want mussels and had arrived at the house before him, I went from being 35 to 5 years old and threw a temper tantrum. I sternly told my mother,

I. Don’t. Like. Mussels.

I might have actually stomped my foot while I said it. I really wasn’t in the mood for mussels.

Mom’s response “What do you want?”
Me “Fajitas!!!”
Mom “Fine, you make them”
My inner voice “Shit”

This is how Sunday night turned into Fajita night. Since this was the first time taking over the kitchen and I was limited in my culinary skills, I sent Mom away to chill out with Lucy and roped in Tina to help me out!
mom and lu Tina
Even Lucy’s meal was Mexican inspired. We made her her own baby guacamole. Basic guac recipe but hold everything except avocado, also known as mashed up avocado!Lu
True, this wasn’t a typical Sunday Portuguese style meal but everyone enjoyed loading up their plates. We did however use our Portugal table cloth – if you’re Portuguese, you know you own one too!
fajita Table
I was pretty proud of my Sunday Dinner, I guess Mom was too. She already sent me a text this morning asking what I was in the mood for next Sunday…