Where did September go?

So the interesting thing about blogging is that when life gets really busy and the internal voice is your head starts narrating your entire life and thinking ‘this would make a great blog entry” that’s exactly the time that your computer activity is basically quick google map searches, scanning your inbox and double checking the funds in the bank account. Not only am I still searching for a “blog purpose” but I’m yet to figure out how to live the moment and document it within the same time frame.

To say that a lot has happened since my last post is an understatement. I was so busy that I probably wrote about 30 blog posts, the problem is they were all in my head and none of them made it to paper. Since ALL of my readers are my friends and family who have been busy being busy with me (say that 5 times really fast), you already know that the second biggest thing to happen was that I finally got a fulltime job. (cyber high five!!) And not to worry, there will be lots of future posts about my adventures in the wine industry!

The biggest news is – My little brother got married! The Bairos family is now officially a family of 8! I couldn’t be prouder to have been a bridesmaid for my brother and welcome his new bride to our family. The day was beyond perfect. It was a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, Mother Nature was kind to us since it rained the day before and the day after. Every DIY decoration that the bride tasked the bridal team with was flawlessly executed and the dance party started even before dinner was finished being served. With a heartfelt speech, the groom swooned about how it was love at first sight and in her beautiful gown, the bride can only be defined as stunning!

As amazing as the wedding was, the best part of this union is that we now have more girls than guys in the family. As the only girl growing up with 2 brothers, the conversation was always about sports, sports athletes and sports statistics. With the arrival of my niece Lucy last March, my 2 sisters-in-law and me – we now own the vote when it comes to what to watch on the only TV in my parent’s house, have double the space at the kitchen table to paint our nails after dinner and when the conversation does turn into sports, it’s a discussion about whether Lamar and Khloe will separate or thoughts on Kris Humphries’ acting on The Mindy Project. I won the lottery when it comes to sister-in-laws and now that we all share the same last name, I’m dropping the in-law..

My Sisters, Lucy and Me!


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