Giving Thanks!

Coming off of such a busy September and finally being employed again has really made me appreciate long weekends!  It’s fitting that the first long weekend to savour happens to be Thanksgiving.  A holiday dedicated to being grateful for the people and things in your life that add that little extra bounce in your step.  I have a lot to be grateful for and I give thanks every day that my journey isn’t without some turbulence because then I wouldn’t truly understand how very lucky I am. 

There are times in your life when you’re down, when you make a decision that didn’t exactly play out the way you thought or life pulls that carpet from under you and you’re left not knowing how you’ll bounce back. During those times, you tell yourself that this too will pass and you wait. Then there are times when you wish life would stand still, the times when the day is better than you planned and you don’t want it to end.  This blog post will be my way of capturing a really great day.

Thanksgiving 2013

The minute you reach my parent’s front door, there is no mistaking that it’s October. A self-admitted Dollar Store shopper, my mother takes pleasure in re-decorating the house for every season. There is no corner left untouched and she does a great job every time. Here’s what your greeted with when you arrive..


and it continues inside..




My mother’s decorations set the tone and we were ready to give thanks. This year though..  not only was the menu of the day planned out, we had actually added a visit to the pumpkin patch and a craft to the days’ agenda. I was so pumped. I couldn’t remember the last time I went to a pumpkin patch. I had also been the brains behind the craft idea and wasn’t sure how it would go over but everyone seemed to be on board. The weather wasn’t the greatest, in fact it sucked. It was raining and I was expecting some resistance about going but somehow we managed to load up two cars with seven adults, two dogs and one 6 month old baby. The rain wasn’t stopping this family.

Pumpkin Patch1

We took full advantage of having our own personal tour guide at the petting zoo and running through the empty apple orchard. I’m no professional photographer so please excuse the non-artistic photos, it’s the memory that counts.

Petting Zoo


Despite drenched clothes, muddy shoes and frizzy hair, everyone had a great time and we finally headed home for dinner!

Due to the new sisters in my life, our usually turkey dinner has been modified. Natasha is a vegetarian so there was vegetarian lasagna and Tina doesn’t like turkey so no turkey. Yep, that’s right, mom didn’t make turkey. Tina gave birth to my mother’s first grandchild so the rest of us are going to let that slide this time and only this time.

Thanksgiving 19

Thanksgiving 18

Thanksgiving 17

Even though there was no bird, my mom outdid herself with enough food to feed a small army. Don’t blame her for the bad presentation on that lasagna.. that was my fault for not being able to layer it properly. Photog lessons and cooking lessons in my future.

After dinner I announced our craft. Again, I was expecting some moans and excuses about getting out of actually having to do a craft but I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was game. My brothers who usually sneak to the basement to watch the game and only come up when it’s time to eat stuck around and took this craft seriously. The newlyweds may have taken it a bit too seriously when they accessorized their turkeys with a veil and tux but a great time was had by all.

Crafts 1

Crafts 2

Crafts 3

It was the best way to wrap up a perfect day with the family and I’m grateful for the turkeys in my life.

Crafts 4

Hope you had a great weekend. From our family to yours.. Happy Thanksgiving!

Family shot


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