Furry Houseguests

A few months ago, my sister-in-law Natasha held a bake sale to raise funds for Mighty Mutts. An organization that helps rescue, foster and find new families for homeless animals. I started following Mighty Mutts and the Mississauga Humane Society on Facebook, always hoping that one day I would be in a situation where I would be able to help. Well as soon as I got a job, I sent them a note that the day has come!

Meet J and G..

Actually, I’m not sure which letter of the alphabet these ladies are named after. These cute fur balls landed at the Humane Society after their 80 year old owner was sadly evicted from her apartment and could not bring them to her temporary home. They were dropped off by the case worker with a note saying that their owner was hoping to be back on her feet by month’s end so they just needed a place to stay in the meantime. Perfect timing because this was a great way to ease me into the world of animal fostering.
Since neither of them respond to J or G, we have agreed that for the next few weeks their nick names would be Pearl…
Pearland Mable…MableSo how are these ladies adjusting? Well I’m convinced that Mable thinks she is a lap dog. She greets me when I arrive at home and follows me around everywhere. She has also decided that we will be sharing a pillow at night and if I take up too much space, she will just make herself comfortable on my head. She hates when I pitter patter around the apartment and has encouraged me to watch more T.V.
Mable TVPearl on the other hand is still adjusting. We have been playing a game of hide and seek since she’s taken to sitting in the most random places. I think she enjoys pointing out areas that I haven’t dusted in awhile.Pearl Fridge
We are hoping to reunite them with their owner soon but I have enjoyed having them around. For more information about animal fostering or even to show your support, feel free to head over and give their facebook page a like:https://www.facebook.com/mississaugahumane


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