Maybe I do like Cauliflower

Even since I can remember, I’ve hated vegetables.

I’ve never enjoyed snacking on veggies and dip, I ordered my BLT’s minus the L & T and the only vegetable I could stand was corn, out of a can or potatoes, in any form. Luckily my mom was smarter than me and learned to hide vegetables in soup. I still love a good bowl of vegetable soup but that’s about it.

As an adult I recognize that this isn’t exactly the best approach to healthy eating and over the years I have slowly introduced and learned not to make a sour face when I eat veggies. If given a choice, I still prefer the meat lasagna over the vegetarian one, hot dogs over eggplant burgers and Kool-Aid instead of V-8 but I’ve taken a fake it until you like it approach and have found that sometimes I’m surprised.

When my friend G invited me over for a post-Thanksgiving dinner at her place, I was excited for her home cooked meal. Like me, she’s a fan of meat, bread and cheese so I’m glad she couldn’t read my mind when she said she would be making asparagus, eggplant and cauliflower. She may have mentioned that there would also be chicken but all I could think of was… fake it, don’t gag.

Dinner was served…
…and I’m not faking it when I tell you it was DELICIOUS!!

Instead of rice, G shredded the cauliflower and sautéed it with mushrooms, onions and turkey bacon. No one was more surprised than me when I admitted that I enjoyed it more than the chicken. The chicken was also great but come on, this was cauliflower and I was thisclose to licking my plate!

I loved it so much that I actually attempted to make it myself. This is big considering I don’t cook. The extent of my cooking is opening a can of tuna or making a sandwich. I was a little lost buying onions, who knew that there were so many different kinds, her recipe just said onion. I also don’t think I ever bought a whole head of cauliflower before. I almost scrapped the idea at that point but I remembered how delicious it was and told myself that I could do this.

So it didn’t look as pretty but not only did I have it last night for dinner, I had it again today for lunch. Who knew a side dish would become a main event! Thanks G for not making rice.

cauliflower lunch

I still hate tomatoes, I think lettuce is boring and the thought of broccoli, carrots or any other dip appropriate vegetable makes me want to gag but maybe I do like cauliflower.


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