G’s Cauliflower rice [recipe]

For those that are asking! Here is the recipe mentioned in my last post. I just used the basic recipe but those that are comfortable in the kitchen can explore and add spices or additional veggies.

one head of cauliflower grated (or in a food processor until rice size)
one small onion (I clarified that she uses yellow)
salt & pepper
any other veggies – I used mushrooms
olive oil or grape seed oil

sauté onion over medium heat in olive oil or grape seed oil
once translucent add the cauliflower and mix with onion thoroughly
add salt and pepper or any other spice you like
Throw in mushrooms – oh I added bacon as well!
Stir and cover for 5-10 minutes until you reach the level of consistency that you want in your rice

As G would say… “that’s it! so easy and so yummy.”

I paired mine with a salad and it was the most delicious lunch.


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