For those that were involved in my day to day job search over the summer, you will probably remember my obsession with KIND Healthy Snacks. I loved everything about the company and literally stalked the hiring manager to give me an interview. I got an interview and was even called for a second interview. It seemed like the employment gods were finally listening to my prayers and this role was within reach. The process with KIND was taking a while and in the meantime, I was offered another role with a wine agent and really, how could I give up working for a wine company. I was equally obsessed with wine and the role was too great to pass up.  As much as I love my new job, there was still a little piece of my heart that was owned by those little fruit and nut bars.

I just couldn’t give it up, so I stalked the hiring manager again. I wrote her and asked if there was any way I could offer my services to the company, either by doing demos or working events. I was free evenings and weekends and would do anything!  Either she appreciated my passion or she realized that I wasn’t going to stop annoying her with emails because last night I became an official KIND Brand Ambassador!

KIND uniform      The product

It’s a part-time gig and just liked I pitched, I’ll be doing weekend demos and attending events in the city on their behalf.  I really love everything about this brand including all their initiatives on being KIND to your body, you taste buds and the world. I can’t wait to get started!

Those employment gods really knew what they were doing.  #pdw #stelladot #kindawesome




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