How was your weekend?

Whether it’s at the coffee machine or during a 9am conference call, Monday morning conversations usually start off with a quick recap of what you did over the weekend. Some weekends are uneventful and some are so busy that you actually have to think about what you did Friday night because it seemed like ages ago.  That was the weekend I just had!

Friday night started off with dinner at Fresh with a former co-worker. Kathleen is a vegetarian and since I’m on budget diet, Fresh was a perfect compromise. Kathleen and I both just started new jobs so there was a lot to celebrate and catch up on. The only downside of going to Fresh was that there would be no wine, but wait, they actually do serve wine at Fresh. Am I the only one who didn’t know this?  I know I mentioned that I don’t like vegetables but no one can resist their sweet potato fries and now that I know they serve wine, I might be eating there more often.

Kathleen is currently working with a non-for-profit called Canada Helps. Their goal is to make giving to charity simple and provide Canadian charities with an affordable online fundraising solution. I was so proud listening to the work she’s been doing and couldn’t wait to share it with you. You’ve all heard of Black Friday, well watch the following video and learn about #GivingTuesdayCa

Mark December 3rd on your calendar and stay tuned for more ways to get involved!

On Saturday, I headed out to the National Women’s Show .  I love trade shows!  I love learning about new products and I REALLY love free samples. Who doesn’t!? The NWS didn’t disappoint. I did however have a purpose in attending. For a while now I’ve been contemplating working with a holistic wellness coach. I figure that maybe if me and vegetables got some counselling and worked on our relationship, we would learn to love each other.  My SIL Natasha recommended her cousin Samantha Gladish.  I’ve been creeping Sam online and liked her view on food. She doesn’t believe in taking extreme measures, her philosophy is simple…eat quality food to live a healthier life.  Sam was speaking at the show and I was interested in hearing her speak. Sam’s half hour talk about how to achieve optimal health had me hooked and I knew she was the one that I was going to trust in helping me and my relationship with vegetables.

One of the things that Sam mentioned was to include Fish Oil into your daily routine, she mentioned that just one teaspoon of fish oil a day would keep the doctor away.  Ascenta was another booth that was on my list of products to check out. I had been following them on Twitter and I noticed that they tweeted that anyone who came by their booth and said “beauty from within” would score a free bottle of fish oil and that’s where I headed next. No sample was as exciting as winning that free bottle. Fish Oil doesn’t taste very yummy but I’ve heard nothing but raves about the benefits so I started my teaspoon a day on Sunday and will keep you posted on the effects.

Sunday was the Chocolate Show!!!  My friend Kelly and I headed out expecting to casually walk around and try some delicious chocolate samples, what we didn’t prepare for was long line ups and pushy people. Chocolate really did bring out the crowds.  The bright side was my favourite Giddy Yoyo was there and Kelly and I picked up some of their bars to bring home!  Although Vanilla was my favourite, I remember Sam saying something about how good spirulina was so I decided to try out that flavour out.

Giddy Yoyo

It was a busy but really fun weekend. How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “How was your weekend?

  1. Sounds like fun! I had to work on Saturday so I missed the Women’s Show but I had attended last year and it was fun (exhausting though, walking around all day!). How was the Chocolate Show? Was that the one at Roy Thomson Hall? I saw an ad for that and wanted to attend but was on standby for work.
    I spent most of the weekend apart from working, reading “Orange is the New Black” which I’m enjoying and I will likely watch the show on Netflix next!
    Again, REALLY love your blog, it’s fun! Keep it up!

    • Hi C, it was the one at RTH! it was a crowded but we managed to try out some delicious samples. I need to get Netflix! I really liked the book so interested in seeing the show. Thanks for the kind words!

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