It’s better to blog with friends!

They say the family that blogs together stays together, ok not sure if anyone ever said that but blogging has now become a family affair! In addition to my blog, my sis-in-law Tina shares her positive perspective of pregnancy, giving birth and being a mom in Little Waves, BigOcean, Bigger Love. My cousin Jenn opens up about her splendid messy life and although it took us a awhile to convince my other SIL Natasha to get onboard, including 2 weeks of blog name brainstorming (not complaining) and a few secret text messages to my brother to rally with us, Natasha finally agreed to start documenting about her blissful life on Seabreeze Drive.
We are all different and have blogs that reflect us best but we are all the same in that we are so excited to read each others stories and celebrate each others blogs.

So you’re welcome, I just gave you 3 more really good reasons to stay online a little longer!

Happy Reading!


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