The day I discovered Netflix

This week I’ve been dog-sitting Ms. Maggie. A sweet, gentle golden retriever. Maggie and I have already established a routine. I get home from work, we eat dinner, we go for a walk and then we watch Netflix.

We have already watched the entire first season of Homeland and now moving on to Breaking Bad. I am late to the game discovering the freedom of having Netflix but considering I was up last night until 2am because I couldn’t stop watching is enough to know that I won’t be subscribing. I just can’t, I’ll never leave the couch. There is no freedom, did you know you can see old episodes of the facts of life on there!?

I have another week with Maggie and already trying to figure out how many more episodes and seasons I can finish before her parents are back. My name is Marlene and I’m addicted to Netflix.

Looks like Maggie has the addiction under control because she’s ready to hit the dog park. Happy Saturday Everyone!

Ms. Maggie

Ms. Maggie


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