If anyone was to ask me what my hobby was, my answer without a doubt would be reading. There is nothing I enjoy more than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at home reading the latest best seller. In fact, when I was thinking about what my New Year resolutions, I was on the fence about adding “to read more.”  You see, I already read a lot of books so it felt like I was cheating adding a resolution that I knew I would easily accomplish. I left read more off the list but nothing made me happier then when I came across the #50BookPledge on Twitter. It was the perfect compromise! Not exactly a resolution but a great incentive to read more books.

50bookpledge.ca is a website hosted by @savvyreader and the goal is to encourage people to read more, whether paper books or on your e-reader, the website allows you to track all the books you’ve read and keep a virtual book shelf of those you still have to read.

I signed up immediately and spent a good part of my evening browsing through Amazon.ca to figure out which books I would be adding to my “to read” list.

I’ve decided that my first book is going to be: Imposter Bride The book description says it’s about a young woman who arrives in Montreal to meet her future husband, except he turns her down upon her arrival. She marries his brother but then it’s discovered, she’s not who she claims to be…

For those who want to sign up and join me on this challenge, I also took a browse through my book shelf at home and picked out 10 books that I have previously read and will be adding to Marbair’s must-read list. Most of them are easy reads and books that I would re-read again. In fact, I might add a few to my 2014 reading list.

  1. The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion
  2. Room – Emma Donaghue
  3. Stupid and Contagious – Caprice Crane
  4. Spin – Catherine Mckenzie
  5. Lullabies for little criminals: A novel – Heather O’Neill
  6. A Vintage Affair – Isabel Wolff
  7. Bossypants – Tina Fey
  8. Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling
  9. Bitter is the New Black – Jen Lancaster
  10. Marley & Me – John Grogan

Bonus Books – growing up these were my FAVOURITE books and I think I’m going to add them to my 50 Book Pledge list because it’s been awhile since I’ve read them and well, I just love them that much!

  1. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott
  2. The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett

Stay tuned for more updates on my progress of my #50BookPledge


One thought on “#50BookPledge

  1. This will be fun! I know it’s super unlikely that I’ll read 50 books this year, so I’ll live vicariously through you. Have you read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh? I think you’d like that one too.

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