Another year wiser

Yesterday was my birthday! It was also Family Day so I got to enjoy the day off and spend it with my family and friends.

While most women won’t disclose their age, I have no problem announcing that I turned 36! I love celebrating birthdays! I try to make it a daily task of checking Facebook to see who I can send birthday wishes to and was overwhelmed at the amount of people who took the time to do the same yesterday for me.

As I get older, my birthday celebrations are less about drinking and partying but more about spending time with good friends and family. Yesterday was the perfect combination. I enjoyed a Marbair selected menu for lunch with the family. My mom made my favourite pistachio cake that was generously covered with chocolate buttercream icing courtesy of my sister-in-law. I spent the afternoon playing with my niece and discussing plans for her first birthday next month. In the evening, I celebrated with some girlfriends at a cool Mexican restuarnt called Playa Cabana where I ate the best fish tacos ever.

As a wannabe blogger, I really need to get better at capturing the moments in pictures but here is one of Lu reading me a story.

Lu Reading

Birthdays are a big deal in my books! I don’t mean you need to have a big party or go over the top with birthday celebrations but more people should embrace and celebrate that they are another year older and hopefully another year wiser.


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