Water Baby

In a continuous pursuit to lead a healthier lifestyle, last night I tried Aquafit!

Yes, Aquafit! And before you start rolling your eyes at the fact that I choose the one class famously attended by senior citizens, don’t knock it until you try it.

To say the class was challenging is an understatement. I was expecting a bunch of grannies waving noodles in the air and floating around enjoying a relaxing “exercise” class but instead it turns out that I signed up for 45 minutes of non-stop movement. I arrived just as the class started and the aqua fitness instructor didn’t waste any time. The moves seem easy enough but let me tell you, you feel each and every move in your muscles. My arms and legs were burning and even though you couldn’t tell, I was working up a sweat!

I would recommend the class for all ages because you go at your own speed. Everyone is focused on not drowning that you don’t even notice the others in the pool. Except when you are going backwards and accidently knock them out as you swim by. Apparently I can’t swim in a straight line!

The other reason I would recommend this class is because you actually feel great in a bathing suit! I’m not even kidding. I dreaded putting on a bathing suit, I’m overweight, have cellulite, need a tan and haven’t had a pedicure since last summer but when you walk out of the pool, you have a workout high. Your body feels great and you forget about being critical on how you look.

I’m not going to wait until my hair turns gray to enjoy the feeling again, I’ve already printed out the schedule and plan to attend weekly. No better way to get a summer ready body than becoming a Aquafit water baby.


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