New appreciation for Costco.

Next week is my little niece’s 1st birthday and she’s having a party!

Her mother (my sister in law) has actually been really good at tolerating my enthusiasm and has allowed me to be part of the entire birthday party planning. Somehow, I’ve managed to convince her that handmade invites were better than store bought ones and we definitely needed to give out a loot bag gift. In return, my weekends have been spent gluing together invites and putting ribbons on favours.

The highlight of our pre-party planning was the Saturday afternoon trip to Costco. Now I know some of you may have read that sarcastically but SERIOUSLY when it comes to buying lots of food and sticking to a budget, Costco really is the place to go!

I never go to Costco, it’s never enjoyable. First of all, I live alone and have no room for 40 rolls of toilet paper or even 12 cans of chick peas. I also can’t deal with crowds of people who keep walking in front my cart and give me a dirty look like I bumped into them and it’s really frustrating when there are 12 people ahead of you for samples and they only put out 4 samples at a time but today was the exception.

Even though it was a Saturday, we managed to find parking pretty quickly. My mom, SIL and me were on a mission to get all the supplies and not only did we start checking things off the list, we were finding everything was ease and at really reasonable prices. Except the Heluva Good Dip. Does Costco not carry that anymore? I’m watching what I eat so I didn’t even bother waiting in line for samples and I managed to find some really great deals for myself. Don’t think I will need to buy Coconut Oil for the next 12 months.

At the checkout we guesstimated how much we spent, when I looked at our cart overflowing with the party supplies and additional groceries for the 3 of us, I was thinking, it looks like about 1000 bucks worth of food. When the cashier told us our total, I was surprise at how much we got for so little. My budget conscience SIL was happy and I found out that I now have a whole new appreciation for Costco.


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