Thanks for reading!

Looks like I have readers! Well I have at least three. I haven’t been posting for awhile and was touched that those three people actually questioned if I was going to blog again and the answer is “of course!”

There is no reason for my lack of posts except that when I get home and I have a choice between firing up the laptop or curling up on the couch, the couch always wins.

So what has happened that I haven’t told you about…

Food – Well I went to another Mexican restaurant. Toronto is known for being multi-cultural and yet somehow I’ve only been checking out restaurants that serve guacamole. La Carnita started up as a pop up shop, their tacos were so mouth-watering and memorable that they had people trying to find them before they even opened their doors. If you go, have the In Cod We Trust… they are amazing. In fact, Fish Tacos are slowly filling the void that I have had since breaking up with Pizza. I need to find a easy recipe so I can attempt this deliciousness at home!

Work – went to Montreal a week ago for training and heading to Winnipeg at the end of the month to attend a Wine Show. FINALLY!!! Will be my first official wine show that I’m working at. Been studying about wines but I think that instead of tasting all the wines, I should start studying the actual tasting notes…

Reading – I think I jinxed myself when I signed up for the #50BookPledge. I use to fly through books and had no problem reading 2 books a month. For some reason, I am taking about 2 months to read a book. I’m just about to finish a book that I received for my birthday so for those that stay up at night wondering what book I will add to Marbair’s must reads next… Don’t stress! Your sleepless nights are almost over.

Cooking – I’ve mastered salads and smoothies so I thought I should really try something that involves the oven. I’m a big fan of Sweet Potatoes so I have been trying to master Sweet Potato Chips. Start off small right! I’ve attempted it 3 times so far and I have to admit that I am getting better. I use one large potato at a time and when I remove the burnt pieces, I have about a handful of chips. I know this seems like a lot of work for a snack that I will inhale in 7 seconds but there is something satisfying about making your own snacks. I don’t like the word diet but I can tell you that I’m on the whole clean eating bandwagon. I love going out to a great restaurant but now when I’m at home, I really enjoy preparing my own meals. (still shocks me how true that statement is)

New stuff – I signed up for a 5K in May so I have about 5 weeks to train. Not excited about running but am excited that the run will be in Boston. A really good friend lives there and we have been talking about running together since about 2006 so finally being about to scratch this off our friendship bucket list is going to be awesome!

New addiction. Coconut oil. I am OBSESSED with it. Have I told you that already? Maybe it deserves it’s own post. Stay tuned.

I think that pretty much brings my three dedicated readers up to speed. I’m sure the minute I hit publish, I’ll think of something else to add but to wrap up now, I’ll leave you with a picture. As you know, Lucy turned one! We had so much fun at her party and here’s a picture of the two of us taken that day. We are hashtagging this one #messyhairdontcare #lucyturnsone

Thanks for reading!

Lucy turns One!


One thought on “Thanks for reading!

  1. Make it 4, i’m subscribed to and read your blog regularly. I don’t want to pressure the writer for new material so I’m happy to wait patiently 🙂 you blog is one of the best that I’ve read. You always makes me smile or laugh and since I don’t get to see you too often, it’s nice to stay in touch this way. Thanks for the update. We’ll catch up soon. 🙂

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