Green thumb

Looks like I might have a bit of a green thumb after all. Basil anyone??


Originally, I wasn’t planning on growing herbs because I thought they would all die. Turns out it’s not that hard and there is a little bit of pride when your recipe calls for a herb that’s actually sitting on your windowsill. What I originally thought was dead leaves was actually herbs that weren’t harvested in time.  Unlike flowers that take time to bloom, fresh herbs can be used right away ( Apparently, I lack common sense when it comes to plants!)  Upon realizing this, I clipped off the yellow and dying leaves and this seem to have promoted more growth! I bought these cute little planters at Ikea and every morning, I love walking into my kitchen and seeing the herbs of my labour.
Herbss         Herbss 2

My little garden is slowly growing… I recently received a living lettuce plant that I’ve successfully managed to keep alive and have used the greens to add into my daily smoothies.

Lettuce Plant1
and there’s something budding on my pepper plant. This is the one I’m most excited about. I LOVE peppers and I cannot wait until I am able to pick my own peppers!

Because I have been so amazed by my herbs, on Tuesday night I was gifted with the most awesome gift from my sorority secret sister.

Balcony gardener book

Who knew that I would get so excited over a book about balcony gardening but it’s going to totally absorb the rest of my afternoon. (summer hours whoop whoop!) Already rating this one a green thumb up!


That Clean Life

TGIF! I’ve survived my first week working from home.

# of days I exercised = 5
# of days I blogged = 2
# of plants that died = 2
# of cheat meals I used up = 1
# of days that I cleaned = haven’t actually started yet

So not bad, not bad. Ignoring the fact that I just pitter patter making plans to clean out the apartment instead of actually throwing things out, I’m pretty impressed with how the week is going.

One of the things I noticed about working from home is that I am consistently looking in the fridge/pantry for a snack. Yes, I’ve stocked my fridge and pantry with healthy options but the fact that I’m reaching for a new snack every 15-20 minutes isn’t going to help me with my get fit plan, so the timing couldn’t be better to learn that one of my favourite bloggers was releasing another eat clean challenge.

Let me take you back… when the clock struck midnight and the new year began, I made a resolution that I was going to make my health a priority! I found a blogger (Abigail Keeso) who was putting together a 6 day challenge called #eatcleanin2014. The challenge sounded easy enough so I signed up. What happened next was a bit of a surprise to me. Not only was I able to do the challenge but I loved her recipes and embraced cooking. I have never enjoyed cooking mainly due to the fact that I didn’t know how, but her recipes were easy and each step was detailed. I have completed every one of her challenges and I continue to rely on her recipes to keep myself on track. I wasn’t the only one who loved the challenge because Abigail has now started a website called and her next challenge “Project Beach Body” is being released today. You can read about my journey here

Happy Weekend Everyone!