It’s Monday

This post is dedicated to my little brother, the one who last weekend hollered out “Hey MarBair, what happened to your blog? hahaha”.  He has this chuckle that he does when he finds himself funny.  It’s so annoying but highly effective at driving me crazy, which makes him chuckle even more! The truth is, poking fun at my lack of posts made me realize that I still dream of being a blogger and the only way to become one is to write. So that’s what I’m going to do. Thanks little bro for the nudge.

So what to write about… I know, why don’t I tell you what’s been bugging me lately – miserable people. Those people that choose to ALWAYS find something to complain about. There are 2 people that I currently work with that are NEVER happy, no matter what. They are healthy, employed, they are fed cause I see them eating lunch, they don’t have any holes in their clothes or shoes and they talk about their family and friends so they ain’t lonely but yet life seems to have dealt them the worst cards.  It really grinds my gears when people are miserable for no reason other than life has been way to good to them. And I say life is good because if you’ve been through hardships, you won’t spend time complaining that they moved to photocopier/printer down the hall. I’m not kidding, that was one of the complaints.

I no longer have any patience for people that complain and enjoy being miserable. My father lost his corporate job when I was 16. He moved us to another city and got a job as a custodian to make ends meet. Years later he had a heart attack and had triple bypass surgery. Then he was diagnosed with cancer and glaucoma. We spent 9 weeks in ICU wondering if he would pull through. He did but he went blind. No, he sees nothing, no shadows, no light, all dark. You know who isn’t miserable; my dad!  You know who would be more than thrilled to be able to walk down the hall to pick up a photocopy; my dad! People seem to forget what that a privilege that can be.

Misery may love company but I have decided that I no longer need to keep miserable people in my company. You are entitled a bad day, I’ll give you that but I won’t lead a sympathetic ear to people who always see the glass half empty. Fun and happy are contagious, I swear to you that if you look for the good in every hard, bad situation, eventually, you won’t need to try so hard to look for it. Life will always be overflowing with good things. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not Suzy Sunshine, I am capable of getting angry, frustrated, overwhelmed and cranky but when I find myself feeling these emotions, I try harder to be grateful. Every day that I wake up healthy, with food in my fridge, clothes in my closet and the ability to walk to the photocopier, I choose to see that as a good day.

It’s Monday – but it doesn’t need to be miserable!