Pearl & Mabel Update

A few months ago I opened my house to these 2 little fur balls…
I had contacted the Mississauga Humane Society about helping to foster cats while they waited to be adopted and they said that they actually had 2 domestic cats that needed a home for a few weeks until their owner was able to find a new place to live. A few weeks turned into a few months and around mid-January, I was starting to think that maybe their owner would never come back to claim them. The thought of this stressed me out. I didn’t want any cats. The constant litter cleaning and endless cat hair on my clothes was driving me bazooka bananas but I had unintentionally started to grow fond of them. They had such affectionate personalities and we had a bit of routine going that included greeting me at the door when I arrived home from work. I knew these cats had won me over when my Sister in Law sent me an email about how her co-worker was interested in adopting the cats and I DID NOT want to let them go. I had just recently decided that if their original owner wasn’t coming back, I would keep the cats.

Of course, that’s when the Mississauga Humane Society called and said she was ready to take them back. I had mixed feelings but these were her cats and I reminded myself that them living with me only temporary. Yesterday I packed up the cats and drove them over to their new place. I had just dusted and was in the “I can’t stand cat hair” mode when we left the house that I was sure that dropping them off would be easy but as I got closer, I told myself that if her living conditions were not suitable, I would bring Pearl and Mabel back home.

As soon as the original owner saw me and the cats in the carrier, she started to cry! She was so overwhelmed with happiness. She told me that she missed them so much and I knew right away that they were home. They had been her cats since they were kittens. They had been with her through her husband’s death and she thanked me so much for taking such great care of them.  I started crying over how emotional the whole thing was.  We agreed to stay in touch and I will probably call her in a few weeks just to check in on the girls.  I did miss them this morning and I’m sure the apartment will seem a little emptier tonight. I did for a split second considering getting a cat but then I pulled out my black sweater and was reminded that I can’t stand cat hair!!!!  So for now, I’ll just give myself a little time to miss Pearl and Mabel a bit.





Adventures in Babysitting

I don’t know how it happened but somehow I spend more time babysitting and pet-sitting, than going on dates. Not that I’m complaining, I’m usually the first to volunteer. I actually enjoy spending time with other people’s kids and their fur babies but I really must resolve to balance it out a bit in 2014. This past weekend was a good example of how my baby/pet sitting can take over my calendar.  In addition to the two foster cats that are still living in my apartment, I added another 2 cats to my care this weekend.

Meet Winnie and Finn.
Win and Finn

While the parents of these two siblings gallivanted in NYC this past weekend, I spent Friday and Sunday night cuddled with them watching Gilmore Girl reruns on TV. The best part about pet-sitting is that you are totally justified in just cuddling and watching TV. That’s your whole purpose, pets don’t need to be entertained, they just need a little loving and they always love you right back.

Before I headed over to veg with Winnie and Finn on Friday night, I babysat my Godson S. He is 1.5 years old and I don’t see him as often as I should. I was looking forward to spending some time with him and arrived shortly after 6. S’s bedtime is 7 so we had less than an hour to play and I was so happy when he only cried for about 3 minutes after his parent’s left.  We took full advantage of the time we spent together. We read books, played with blocks and he even showed me how to find his games on the iPad. Yes at a year and a half, he has already mastered the tablet!

How adorable is this face…


On Saturday, I babysat my regulars. A 10 year old girl and a 8 year old boy, both with red hair, they are affectionately called “the gingers.” I’ve been babysitting the gingers for 8 years. They are like family to me. They keep me updated on what Rainbow Loom is, they give me an excuse to watch Disney movies over and over again and they even taught me how to play chess.


My weekend wasn’t a roller coaster ride of comic mishaps ending with Vincent D’Onofrio dressed up as Thor. No, it was a little more tame than that but I still love my weekend adventures in babysitting. Although I will resolve to make play dates with children my age in the new year! 🙂