Protein Power Bowl

There are 77 recipes and 11 smoothie, juice and tea recipes in the Oh She Glows Cookbook. It’s my go to book whenever I need inspiration and have grown tired of the same old salad every day. From breakfast to dinner and all snacks in between, all the recipes are delicious and pretty easy to make. In addition to the cook book, the Oh She Glows website is the first place I look when I have left over veggies that I don’t know what to do with. I know you are probably wondering why I would add making each and every recipe from the cook book to my bucket list when I’ve already been using it. 1 word. PRESENTATION.

It seems that no matter how many times I attempt any of the recipes in the cook book or any cook book for that matter, it always ends up looking like mush. I’m cooking for one so presentation isn’t really that important. As long as the mush tastes yummy, I don’t really consider it a fail. BUT… it would help with blogging and Instagram posts if I could just get it to look like something that would be printed in a cook book. SOOOO… this bucket list item isn’t about cooking but more like learning how to make food look as delicious as it tastes. Let’s be honest, aren’t all labours of love meant to produce great Instagram posts!

For my first attempt, I decided to start with page 175 “Protein Power Goddess Bowl.” The name alone caught my attention since I’m always looking for different ways to eat more protein but what really sealed the deal was that I happen to have all the ingredients on hand.

Once everything started cooking, I realized that it was going to be really hard for this not to result in mush.

onions & peppers                  lentils                  wheat berry

And… I have no tomatoes. So much for taking an inventory of ingredients before starting! Well it was probably not going to be as colourful as the original but I still had the taste to focus on. I wasn’t quite sure what that would be like. I’ve only ever used Tahini for hummus and can’t say it’s my most favourite flavour but when I threw everything together, the lemon-tahini combo was surprisingly enjoyable.

Did I succeed in creating an eye-catching meal? Not really.


Original Cook Book Picture


My Protein Power Goddess Bowl

My Protein Power Goddess Bowl

Did I succeed in making a meal with leftovers that I can’t wait to eat again? You betcha! and that’s gotta be worth something.

Instagram worthy leftover picture!

Mason jars make everything look better!

This means I’ve officially started the bucket list, 76 recipes to go and one protein power bowl down.



Yesterday I invited the clan over to my place for brunch! My 2 sister-in-laws and I are February babies so I wanted us to get together for a joint celebration. I am still a rookie at this whole cooking thing so I thought how hard can a brunch be. Well it didn’t go as smooth as I imagined…
My blueberry muffins were bitter. I followed this recipe here and I have no idea what I did wrong. The first bite wasn’t bad but there was a really bad aftertaste. I knew they were bad but I served them anyway. When the adults tried them I got some pretty decent feedback that they weren’t THAT bad. I was stating to believe them until my niece tried one, she immediately gave a look of disgust and spit them out. You can always count on a 2 year old for the truth.
I also attempted to make Coconut Whipped Cream. It’s the easiest recipe, a can of full fat coconut milk that you chill and then whip. They said that if your can doesn’t thicken, you might have a dud. I bought 2 just in case and neither one worked. God bless my family for their patience with my cooking because my sister-in-law Natasha pretended to love the runny mess I made and put them on her pancakes. She was one pancake in when she had to admit that she needed a new plate because the coconut milk was a little bit overpowering. No guff, it even looked gross!
I couldn’t afford to screw up the pancakes so I combined the dry ingredients but waited for someone more experienced to arrive in order to finish the recipe. My other sister-in-law Tina heroically stepped in managed to make all the pancakes and everyone enjoyed them… Thankfully.
Making a pancake brunch had stressed me out so much that I didn’t even have a cake for our birthdays and it wasn’t until the morning after that I realized that we didn’t even sing Happy Birthday. It probably wasn’t my best hostess moment but everyone stuck around and it ended up being a really great afternoon. Again I forgot to take pictures but here are some taken by my siblings:

Lucy made everyone homemade Valentine’s Day Cards
vday cards

When all else fails, serve fruit and champagne

and always make sure to put everyone on cleaning duty before they leave

Lastly, you can find the family tested and loved vegan pancake recipe that was served here.