This past weekend I flew into Boston to hang out with my friend CC and her family. When I booked it, I thought Thursday to Monday would be more than enough time but now that I’m back, the extended weekend just wasn’t long enough!

There were 2 reasons for the visit I) Spend some quality time with her and her family and II) run a 5K race. Both were accomplished! I got to see where the boys go to school, we built cars out of Lego and attended early morning baseball practice. CC always makes sure to plan some city exploring so we spent a day in downtown Boston. She also always includes a stop at Trader Joe’s because she knows I love their packaging. On Sunday morning, we laced up our runners and joined their community in the Great Bear Run! My timing wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be but we both agreed that we would aim to try and run a 5K together every year. She rocked it and came in at 29 mins (way ahead of me) so it was so awesome having her and her family at the finish line cheering me on. It was the perfect weekend and I was so sad boarding the plane on Monday.

I wish I would have documented the trip more with pictures but here’s one I took on instagram before the race:

photo 1 My BIB # -> photo 2


Another year wiser

Yesterday was my birthday! It was also Family Day so I got to enjoy the day off and spend it with my family and friends.

While most women won’t disclose their age, I have no problem announcing that I turned 36! I love celebrating birthdays! I try to make it a daily task of checking Facebook to see who I can send birthday wishes to and was overwhelmed at the amount of people who took the time to do the same yesterday for me.

As I get older, my birthday celebrations are less about drinking and partying but more about spending time with good friends and family. Yesterday was the perfect combination. I enjoyed a Marbair selected menu for lunch with the family. My mom made my favourite pistachio cake that was generously covered with chocolate buttercream icing courtesy of my sister-in-law. I spent the afternoon playing with my niece and discussing plans for her first birthday next month. In the evening, I celebrated with some girlfriends at a cool Mexican restuarnt called Playa Cabana where I ate the best fish tacos ever.

As a wannabe blogger, I really need to get better at capturing the moments in pictures but here is one of Lu reading me a story.

Lu Reading

Birthdays are a big deal in my books! I don’t mean you need to have a big party or go over the top with birthday celebrations but more people should embrace and celebrate that they are another year older and hopefully another year wiser.