I can either drink or blog but turns out I can’t do both!

‘tis the season for holiday parties and I can barely keep my eyes open from all of last week’s activities.

I started the blog in order to capture life moments as they happened but didn’t realize that when life is happening, blogging is hard to keep up with! No wonder it’s a full time job for some. Not wanting to forget the parties I attended, here’s a quick recap of last week’s parties!

Tuesday night was my sorority holiday party. The one time that we allow the wives in our group to bring their husbands. It was fun… if you brought a husband. Just kidding Beta Sigma Phi! It’s nice to see your other halves and even nicer to share a holiday drink with everyone.

Thursday night I headed to Ottawa for my work holiday party. We started off the night with box seats to the Ottawa Senators/ Buffalo Sabres game and in true holiday party fashion, drank way too much! We ended up at a Country Bar where the drinking continued. I was a shade paler in the morning and the airline puke bag was within reach the entire time. I started this job 3 months ago and I don’t know how I would have ever lived down the embarrassment if I was the rookie who puked on the plane ride home.

Friday night was my book club holiday dinner… I stayed home cuddling a bucket, drinking Gatorade and attempting to eat toast. Either I drank a little too much on Thursday or I can’t recover as quickly as I once could. Either way, I’m sure the dinner was nice.

Saturday my little brother turned 30. His new wife planned a full day of celebrating. Old Man Winter decided that snow would be appropriate for the celebration and Toronto was hit with a massive snow storm. This time the snow stayed but it didn’t stop us and I recovered just in time to start drinking with him and the rest of the family and be able to enjoy cake.

As I flip through my phone for photos to post I realize that I am glad that I don’t blog while drunk and this will be a text only post.


Holiday Baking Party

Toronto had its first snow fall over the weekend which is fitting since I hosted my first holiday baking party!

After being away for 2 weeks dog-sitting Ms. Maggie, it was a busy weekend of cleaning up and getting prepared for company. Nothing and I mean nothing motivates you more to clean than knowing you are having company. And by cleaning, I mean shoving things in cupboards, drawers and bags than neatly arranging those bags in rows that make a room look tidy. If anyone was to look in the bags, they would see my sweaters shoved in the same bag as my bills and if they opened my drawers, they would see I crammed my blow dryer with my socks and somehow my Stella & Dot mini looks books were hided in the bathroom cupboard beside my hair brush. My place is a OCD nightmare but I dusted and had wine so really, I had my priorities straight.

I am no Martha Stewart but I do like having people over so I thought a holiday baking party would be a good idea. There was one issue… I had also invited them to stay for dinner and I only know how to make lasagna which wasn’t going to work. G follows a 85% paleo diet and the 15% cheating doesn’t include pasta. She saves that for things like wine or milk chocolate. Makes sense. My friend A only eats gluten free, ST is a picky eater and SK should be on Masterchef so nothing I made was going to taste as good as anything she can just whip up. The girls must have sensed my panic because after a little back and forth texting, it seems like not only was I inviting people over to help me bake holiday cookies, they were also going to make their own dinner.  Yep, Sunday I hosted a cooking/baking party. It was kind of like a potluck but they wouldn’t cook in advance, we would all cook and bake together. A concept that you probably won’t see featured in Martha’s hostess with the mostess issue but one that I think more women should embrace.

My kitchen has never seen so much action. We used bowls, utensils and a rolling pen that I was surprised to find out I owned. I managed to learn things like always use unsalted butter for baking, avocados don’t go in the fridge and the difference between using the bake vs. broil option of the oven. I told you that I don’t cook so don’t be so surprised. I’m thinking of attempting to make some chocolate chip cookies this week since we ran out of time yesterday. With these gals, health trumps guilty pleasures.  Not sure it will be as much fun as having my girlfriends baking along beside me but they sure have sparked in interest spending more time in the kitchen! Maybe instead of cooking lessons, I’ll just plan more cooking/baking parties. At the very least I have started a new holiday baking party tradition!