2016 Intentions

Happy New Year!! It’s that time of the year again, when you start eating clean, exercising and making  lists of the hobbies you intend on taking up.

As you can guess, my intention this year is to start blogging again. Let me rephrase that, my resolution AGAIN is to start blogging again. My dream of becoming a blogger just won’t fade.  Which lead me to remember that I created a bucket list last summer and I never checked in on how I was doing so what better timing than the start of the new year to re-visit my bucket list!

  1. Get engaged to… Leonardo Dicaprio, Sam Hunt or Jared Leto. It was just announced that Leo is single again so if I could find a way to meet him, I could be engaged sooner than later. It could happen.
  2. Grow my Stella & Dot business. I didn’t hit my goal this year but my little piece of the Stella & Dot business is still active. Looking for a little sparkle, check out my site: stelladot.com/marlenebairos
  3. Sew something wearable. This one I managed to do!! Well, sort of! Instead of sewing myself something wearable, I sewed my nephew an infinity scarf bib. I need to make a few adjustments to the size so I will be sewing him another one in the next few weeks. I’ll take pictures.
  4. Go on a Mission Trip. Done! I have pictures that I want to share so I’ll update this bucket list item to: write a post about my Mission Trip.
  5. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Ummm… I haven’t even bought the book. Maybe I’ll order it from the library though my Kobo, ok, just added that to the list of things to do this week.
  6. Blog about girl power. How about changing this to Blog. Just blog period.
  7. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle, instead of binge watching a series. I bought a puzzle, I worked on it for half an hour, got bored and then never went back to it. It’s a Christmas themed one and I packed it away with all the decorations. I will try again next year. On a good note, I did lots of puzzles with my niece and I didn’t binge watch any T.V.
  8. Make all the recipes in the Oh She Glows cookbook. I keep repeating the same ones that I love but in 2016, I will conquer the rest.
  9. Donate Blood. I forgot this was on here but something I still intend on doing.
  10. Visit a farm sanctuary. Now that I have a car, this will be easier to accomplish!
  11. Master the freestanding handstand. Haha… I just tried it and I still haven’t mastered it.

What intentions have you made this year? Share here and let’s keep each other accountable!



The Bucket List

It’s August? When did that happen?

They do say time flies when you are having fun and this year it’s been non-stop engagements, bridal showers, bachelorettes, weddings and baby showers. It seems like everyone I know is celebrating some form of marital milestone this year.  With wedding season somewhat behind me, I decided it’s time to start dreaming about what milestones I’m interested in achieving this year!

Anyone who has had a conversation with me knows I’m an excellent dreamer! I’m always thinking of great things I want to do, companies I want to start, places I want to visit, weight I want to lose and ALWAYS thinking about the celebrities that I want to marry.

The problem with being a dreamer is that you spend so much time dreaming and not enough time planning how to execute those dreams. So I decided that I would take some of those dreams and put together a mini bucket list and maybe, just maybe, I’ll start converting my dreams into a reality.

#1. Get engaged to…


or sam-hunt

or  JaredLeto


Okay, bucket lists should be a little more specific and since I can’t choose between Leo, Sam or Jared I’m going to keep this on the dream list a little longer!

1. Grow my Stella & Dot business. Every time I question if I am good at it, someone places an order. It’s true that the jewelry does sell itself but like everything else in life, you get want you put in so it’s time I put a little more into the business to help it grow to its full potential. We just launched our new fall collection so feel free to take a peek at stelladot.com/marlenebairos

2. Sew something wearable. I learned how to sew pillows, a dress can’t be that hard, right?

3. Go on a Mission Trip. Ok, so this one is a bit of a cheat because the flight has been booked and plans are already being made. Going to save the details for its own blog post.

4. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read a lot but for some reason this book is still one that I have yet to finish.

5. Blog about girl power. I know that I suck at blogging but I still dream about becoming a blogger. I’m going to keep blogging about life as it happens here but I’ve started a second blog called Pink Rolodex. It’s going to highlight all the gals that inspire me. The ones that have turned their dreams into a reality… check it out at pinkrolodex.wordpress.com

6. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle, instead of binge watching a series. Why does this one seem the hardest?

7. Make all the recipes in the Oh She Glows cookbook. Yep, a la Julie and Julia I’m picking one a week until I’m done the entire book. Hopefully I’ll be done just in time for her second book!

8. Donate Blood. This isn’t technically a dream but something I’ve been wanting to do.

9. Visit a farm sanctuary. One that has pigs! It’s been over a year since I decided to follow a vegan diet and my view of farm animals has changed. Before I wanted to learn how to milk a cow, now I dream of meeting a pig that isn’t ever going to become bacon!

10. Master the freestanding handstand. And that one covers off exercise so now the list is complete!

I’ve been told that simply writing down your dreams is the first step towards turning them into a reality. They have been written and now let’s see how they unfold! #marbairbucketlist

If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney