Yesterday I invited the clan over to my place for brunch! My 2 sister-in-laws and I are February babies so I wanted us to get together for a joint celebration. I am still a rookie at this whole cooking thing so I thought how hard can a brunch be. Well it didn’t go as smooth as I imagined…
My blueberry muffins were bitter. I followed this recipe here and I have no idea what I did wrong. The first bite wasn’t bad but there was a really bad aftertaste. I knew they were bad but I served them anyway. When the adults tried them I got some pretty decent feedback that they weren’t THAT bad. I was stating to believe them until my niece tried one, she immediately gave a look of disgust and spit them out. You can always count on a 2 year old for the truth.
I also attempted to make Coconut Whipped Cream. It’s the easiest recipe, a can of full fat coconut milk that you chill and then whip. They said that if your can doesn’t thicken, you might have a dud. I bought 2 just in case and neither one worked. God bless my family for their patience with my cooking because my sister-in-law Natasha pretended to love the runny mess I made and put them on her pancakes. She was one pancake in when she had to admit that she needed a new plate because the coconut milk was a little bit overpowering. No guff, it even looked gross!
I couldn’t afford to screw up the pancakes so I combined the dry ingredients but waited for someone more experienced to arrive in order to finish the recipe. My other sister-in-law Tina heroically stepped in managed to make all the pancakes and everyone enjoyed them… Thankfully.
Making a pancake brunch had stressed me out so much that I didn’t even have a cake for our birthdays and it wasn’t until the morning after that I realized that we didn’t even sing Happy Birthday. It probably wasn’t my best hostess moment but everyone stuck around and it ended up being a really great afternoon. Again I forgot to take pictures but here are some taken by my siblings:

Lucy made everyone homemade Valentine’s Day Cards
vday cards

When all else fails, serve fruit and champagne

and always make sure to put everyone on cleaning duty before they leave

Lastly, you can find the family tested and loved vegan pancake recipe that was served here.



Happy July!!
Can’t believe June has come and gone…

Remember my June goals, exercise, cooking, clearing out, developing a green thumb and blogging. Well some I stuck with and some I did not so great.

Exercise – Started the month off strong but then the heat and humidity kicked in. I have no air conditioning so the apartment was way too hot to work out in. I also cancelled my gym membership so I didn’t hit 30 days of the Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. I did however get in a few runs when the weather was bearable. A friend of mine is signing up for a 5k race in September so guess who is planning to sign up for another race…

Cooking – This I have kept to. I followed most recipes from the that clean life challenge that I signed up for and have been experimenting with recipes that I’ve found online. Sometimes my meal making doesn’t actually involve cooking. On the really hot days, I preferred a fully loaded salad instead of a hot meal. This will shock those friends of mine that remember when I was 20 and would gag eating any type of vegetable.

Clearing out – Went through all my clothes. Have more to give away than keep. The bags are still sitting in my spare room waiting to be dropped off somewhere but my bathroom and bedroom have been purged. I’m aiming to have the kitchen and storage room done before the summer ends.

Green thumb – The only plants surviving this heat are the peppers and parsley. I’m not giving up though!!!

Blogging – well if you’ve been reading, you know how I’ve been doing with that.

They say all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl so I did get out there and didn’t spend the entire month hibernating. If I was a good blogger, these places would each get their own post but if you haven’t already noticed, I prefer blogging lists!

RISE The Better Living Expo – I worked this event for Coconut Bliss but I’m listing it because it was the last day I ate meat. I spent the day working with a friend who was a vegan and if you know me, you know I love to ask people questions. I spent the day interrogating her about why, how, when she became vegan and since I was curious about the life changing videos she watched, I googled them as soon as I got home. Right now I can’t un-watch them so I haven’t touched meat since then. I also haven’t touched eggs, dairy or honey. I don’t know if I will stay vegan but I had no desire to eat the steaks made on Canada Day so this is to be continued…

The Haunted Walk Tour – Our sorority event this month was to do the haunted walk in the distillery district. I have to say that I was not looking forward to this. I don’t exactly fear ghosts but I do believe in them and would prefer to not know they exist. Luckily for me, the tour guide wasn’t too great at spooky stories so it was more of a history lesson than a frightful walk. It turned out to be a really fun evening.

St. Clair UNCORKED – This wine event took place in my friend E’s neighbourhood. It’s a great concept. Local shops participate by hosting wine tastings in their stores. It’s a great way to get to know the area and go into shops that the locals probably never ventured into. We spent the day exploring and meeting people and although most people migrated to the pubs that were showing the World Cup game, we chit chatted with a few folks and E now know where to get great pate and chocolates in her hood.

St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market – my real desire was to go to strawberry picking but getting my family to commit to a time and date that works for everyone is like herding cats. Instead my parents, my aunt, my little cousin and I headed west and checked out the market. Not only was I able to get some sweet strawberries but we managed to stock up on kale, peas, peppers and cherries. The market was a little overwhelming for me, we went at a peak time and there were soooooo many people there so next time I will make sure to go first thing in the am before the craziness starts. I have so much kale that I am going to try and make kale chips. My SIL says it’s easy but that’s what she said about Rice Krispie Squares and I managed to mess those up. Wish me luck.

The only other notable thing to mention about June is that I’m fostering again.

These little guys were found without their mother but they are still too young to be adopted. They spent the first few days hiding from me and only coming out when I was away or sleeping but I’ve made some progress with them. They were so scrawny when I picked them up but I’ve fattened them up a bit. I only have them for another 10 days so maybe they will get their own post!

I’m heading to Orlando this month with Stella & Dot so my goal for July is simply to get a tan! Will keep you updated!