What’s for Lunch?

I start asking myself this at around 9:05 after I have my first sip of coffee. On the days that I don’t bring my lunch, all I think about is what should I have for lunch. It consumes my brain… I’m trying to eat healthier and mentally scan the menu of the local places and think about the salad bar or soup options that might, might satisfy my cravings. I also debate the pros and cons of getting a slice of pizza. I’m always in the mood for pizza so I have to work hard to come up with cons, usually it’s that I’ve already had pizza within the last 2 days. Around 10:30, I am cursing myself for not making my lunch. I think about the vegetables that I have sitting in the fridge or the batch of quinoa that I had planned to make last night. Work is a distraction but soon my stomach starts to grumble and I know that I have to venture out and finally answer my morning long battle of what’s for lunch?

As I got my jacket on today, I remembered that I didn’t eat my lunch from Friday. I had brought soup and decided that I wasn’t in the mood for it. (I had pizza instead… there is a reason they call it Pizza Fridays!)  I also had crackers in my desk drawer and had managed to grab an apple as I ran out of the house this morning. It wasn’t pizza but it was healthy, cheap and surprisingly satisfying.

Now I’m back at my desk ready to focus… need to figure out what to have for dinner!


Woman in the mirror

I don’t wash my hair every morning and today was a non-hair washing day. On the NHW days, I usually make a little more of an effort with my outfit and accessories. I also spend additional time perfecting the messy ponytail look with extra bobby pins and hair spray. This morning when I left I was feeling pretty good about the look that I “just threw” together.

I strutted around the office all morning proud of my accomplishment. No one needs to know that I didn’t wash my hair.  After lunch I went to the washroom and I was shocked at the reflection in the mirror.  My hair looked messy, not natural messy, just messy. My necklace had at one point tangled itself up and was lopsided. The outfit I picked had wrinkled worse than a crumpled piece of paper and not sure how I managed to get a pen mark on my chin.

The building property manager should really have those mirrors checked because I know that isn’t what I look like.  I strutted back to my desk and decided that there would be no more bathroom breaks today.