Wine Myths

A while back I posted some wine facts that I’ve learned working in the industry.

Today someone shared this article and I think it’s worth passing along.


Please pay special attention to #6 because I’m the biggest box wine advocate out there.

In fact, it’s the only thing I buy in bulk!




What I did this week!

Other than the fact that I think Tom Brady is hot, I have no interest in the Superbowl. I might be the only one in North America who isn’t getting ready to watch the game. I figure instead I would write about what I’ve been up to!

Last Tuesday, our sorority went bowling. I’m not sure what it is about bowling but every time I go, I have the most fun! It might have to do with my secret Grease 2 obsession.

The bowling alley we attended did not disappoint. As soon as you walked in, it felt like you were stepping back in time. Most would have called it outdated but I thought it was exactly what a bowling alley should be. I snapped some pictures of the bowling alley before putting my phone away for the night.

bowlingbowling 2bowling 1

We so classy drinking wine in plastic cups.

bowling 3

Bowling is the perfect winter activity. You don’t need to worry about the weather and its fun for every age and skill level. I don’t know why I don’t bowl more often but we all should!

On Wednesday, I headed to Montreal for our National Sales Meetings. It was back to back meetings about our 2014 accomplishments and our objectives for 2015. The meetings were held in Old Montreal and in order to take advantage of being in Montreal, there was a Scavenger Hunt organized to get us moving. I hate winter and not very competitive but it was probably the best team builder I ever participated in. One of my team members was a sales rep from Montreal who loved history so he got excited to tell us about the building and monuments that we were trying to locate. If anyone is ever in charge of planning a company meeting, I have 2 words; Scavenger Hunt!

If the week wasn’t busy enough, I booked my first official wine course for Saturday. In theory, my flight on Friday arrived at 7 so I would have had a chance to get a good night’s sleep. That is, of course until my brother invited me over to hang out and order in Indian. Since I had no food in the house and hadn’t seen the family in a while, obviously I headed to Mississauga.

It was hard to get up on Saturday but I managed to make it on time. I spent 8 hours learning how to properly taste and smell wine. As tired as I was, I loved the course. Our very smart teacher taught us that the best way to learn about wine is to continue tasting as many wines as I can. This is homework I plan on doing and excelling in!

Well it’s Sunday now and my plans today involve doing nothing. I found this on Facebook and thought it was the best way to wrap up the week or start the new week; however you look at it, hope you have a #justbe Sunday.

Just be